Our Philosophy of Care

At Newholme House there is a friendly, informal environment where our residents can relax and enjoy their later years. The home is a large house which has been converted but has retained its character and family atmosphere – our care builds upon this feeling – friendly, informal but always professional.

Our objective is to give each resident the support and encouragement to maintain as much of their independence as possible. Our care recognises the individual, their personal history and experiences and seeks to understand each person and respond to their specific needs. Rooms are provided with electric adjustable beds to encourage our residents to get up when then are ready for as long as possible, rather than rely on carers all the time.

Whenever possible we want residents to be fully involved in planning all aspects of their care through consultation and discussion.

We endeavour to foster good relationships with a residents family and those close to them. This enables our care staff to understand the resident – by acknowledging the people closest to them and by learning all they can about the person they are. Only through excellent communication can we ensure our care is tailored to the needs and wishes of our residents.

Visitors to Newholme House are warmly welcomed and we of course support residents to continue enjoying activities outside the home too.

We want families and friends to feel welcome, included and supported and to know that they continue have a meaningful role to play in their loved ones life.

Newholme House provides a home for those with mild to moderate dementia. We fully assess clients before admission to the home to ensure we can meet the needs of any potential resident and with regard to the dependency levels in the home , always putting our existing residents needs first to ensure the home remains a safe and happy environment.